Hey y’all,

So, again inspired by Janet Mock, this time by her appearance on The Colbert Report as well as this post I saw on tumblr where someone asks “what if everyone had personal pronouns?” (which, on a side note, everyone does have personal pronouns, just many people happen to have the same personal pronouns and I think maybe this person meant what if everyone had a different personal pronoun) and the blog answers it perfectly by saying: then we’d all be in the habit of telling each other about our personal pronouns when we meet and pronouns would no longer be an issue. As someone who has different personal pronouns than the normative he/him, she/her, I LOVE this idea! Even after 2 years or so of going by they/them I still never know when/how to bring it up to someone I’m meeting that my pronouns aren’t she/her or he/him. Sometimes people ask, and when done in an I-care-about-not-misgendering-you kind of way instead of a you-don’t-go-by-she/her-or-he/him?-what-kind-of-freak-are-you? kind of way, I love that! But many people don’t ask and therefore many people don’t know unless I ever feel close enough to them to tell them or someone outs me… So, a world in which first time introductions include your personal pronouns, sounds amazing. I hope it someday becomes a reality. Annnnnd, possibly moving us a little closer to that reality, Facebook now allows [some] custom gender identities and has added they/them pronouns! Granted Facebook still doesn’t have all gender identities represented let alone the myriad of pronouns not represented, but it’s a start! So yay!

Anyway, I guess that’s all I have for now. Happy Friday! Until next time..

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